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Perhaps the most important of America's obsolete institutions is our broken educational system. To begin at the beginning, nobody ever designed our educational system. It is an unplanned, jumbled mess that just happened by accident over 140 years. Just as our Constitution was written by a bunch of rich, elitist white men who were slave-owners, so that we had amend it many times (and it REALLY needs some more amending today), so also our educational system stumbled into existence under circumstances that were completely different from the way we live today.

Our system of elementary and high schools was never planned. It came into existence when Abraham Lincoln used Federal Funding to create revolutionary new colleges designed to teach only "useful things." That is correct: our college system was invented by Big Government meddling in religious affairs. The "useful things" were agriculture, science, engineering and military science. In contrast, at that time every pre-existing college in America was a seminary. That's right. Harvard, Yale, Princeton (named after the Prince of Peace) and all the others were seminaries. Elementary schools were called "Grammar Schools" because that is where you went to learn Greek and Latin grammar in preparation for religious studies. High schools taught high Greek and Latin reading for religious purposes.

When Lincoln created a national chain of "useful" colleges, everybody suddenly noticed that there were few students capable of studying at the new colleges. So the truth is that Lincoln's colleges dragged the lower schools up by their ears into the future, lifting from the top down. Frank Lynch proposes to do much the same today: a federal program to lift all our schools out of the obsolete past and into the future.

Every graduate of the new colleges was a man. All students were required to take  military training, and every one became a fully trained Army Reserve Officer commissioned during the graduation ceremony. Patriotism, "duty, honor and country" were taught in every college. By the time World War I occurred, America had a large trained officer corps ready and willing to serve.

All schools, from elementary through college, closed for the summer, not because we were a nation of farmers, but because there was no air conditioning, and the buildings were just too hot for dainty, educated teachers to endure. Farming happens in the spring and fall, when schools were in session. Our stupid summers off were entirely for the comfort of the teachers. Children don't mind the heat: kids happily run outside to play on the hottest summer days. And summers off today are still for the comfort of the teachers, who do not care about the hardship that their vacations impose on most mothers.

Summers with no school are certainly not in the interest of today's working mothers. Neither are the short hours during the school year. Because of these shortcomings of the schools, a giant industry exists to partially fill in the gaps. Summer schools, summer day camps, camps away from home, day care centers, preschools, head start programs, nurseries, the list goes on and on.

And that list places a terrible burden on women. The burden is financial, emotional, and just sheer exhaustion. In addition, it is not fair to the children, who are shuttled from place to place with minimal supervision, and who generally resent it.

I propose that we totally recreate an educational system designed to meet the needs of women and society as it exists today.

First, most mothers work! Many more would like to work, at least part time. And the majority of children today live in single parent homes. In addition, the majority of children in the U.S. are minorities. And between a third and a half of children have at least one parent whose native language is not English.

Now hear this! I refuse to listen to any tradionalists who speak judgmentally about this. This is reality as it exists in America today, period, end of discussion.

We can have only one priority, and that is to restructure education to accommodate and bring freedom and equality to all, repeat, to ALL of the mothers. A mother who is on the verge of bankruptcy because of the costs of clothing, day care, transportation and medical bills, and who is exhausted both physically and emotionally, is not free and does not have equality. Not equality of lifestyle, not equality of opportunity. And this inequality is passed on to her children.

America cannot afford this!

It is in the best interests of the Nation, and in the best interest of each and every one of us, in the best interest of you and me, and certainly in the best interests of the children, to cure this unacceptable situation immediately.

FOCES ("Frank's Omnibus & Comprehensive Education System") consists of every school in America having actual classes 238 days a year, with no days off for teacher training or anything else. That is 49 weeks (three weeks of vacation spread at the end of each trimester) with seven national holidays.

Schools open a 7:30 AM with free nutritious breakfast for every child, with no fried food and no transfats. A hungry child, or a child suffering from malnutrition cannot learn. Every child gets free sugar-free, fat-free snacks, plus free lunch. The "qualified" free lunch program as it exists today makes the recipients of the free lunches appear inferior in the eyes of the richer kids, and that is unacceptable. There are no vending machines or deep fryers. If children become accustomed to eating healthily from an early age all through their teens, perhaps we will reduce the current epidemic of childhood obesity. Required classes end at 5 PM, but optional enrichment classes, music, arts and exercise continue until 6:30 PM.

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These hours accommodate working parents. Working mothers can drop their children off between 7:30 and 8 AM, and pick them up between 5 PM and 6:30 PM, with no extra costs, and with no worry about where their children are and what they are doing. What a revolution. What freedom. What equality. What a wonderful nation we can have, if you join me.


Do you know when and where most Americans contract their first sexually transmitted disease?

Most Americans get infected with their first sexually transmitted disease in elementary school or high school during regular class hours!  Do you want your child to get infected with HIV/AIDS at school?

Nobody tests school children for HIV/AIDS. Therefore, we have no way of knowing how many children have HIV. Since we know that school is the primary source of first infection of all sexually transmitted diseases, it follows logically that school is the primary source of first infection for HIV/AIDS. No, this is not a mistake. Many HIV/AIDS patients actually do get re-infected, a second or third or fourth infection with HIV because most people who have HIV/AIDS continue the promiscuous sexual activity that got them infected in the first place. There is nothing stranger than reality!

And that is a horrible health risk for America because, thanks to our government, there is no way to find out who has HIV/AIDS. And you know kids, they think they are indestructible and nothing bad can ever happen to them, so they do anything, and then try it again.

Our incredibly stupid and obsolete government hides almost all information about HIV/AIDS. What you don't know can kill you. What you don't know DOES kill you. We must test all school children's blood at least once a year, and not just for HIV. As part of free healthcare, every child should get complete blood panel testing for a broad range of disorders, free in school every year, with complete results and recommendations going to both parents, even if they are divorced or separated.

Separate Schools

Unlimited, numerous studies show that when boys and girls of any age are in the same room for school, both sexes learn less! That is an undisputable statistical reality. Another unacceptable side effect is that one out of six boys are on mind altering medications which have never been tested for developmental consequences when used on immature, growing humans. The boys are drugged so they do not interfere with girls' learning. Or is it so they do not bother the teachers? The boys get tired of being drugged, and either do not complete high school, or do not continue on to college. Soon two-thirds of college students will be women. That is not true equality, and bodes really badly for our nation's future.

Frank proposes that there be physically separate school buildings, at least two blocks (0.2 miles) apart, for boys and girls, for all ages below 18 years. And that teachers in the boys' schools get trained on how to cope with young males without drugging them.

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