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 African Americans

& Hispanics

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FLASH! The Supreme Court has ruled that you can contribute up to $2,600 to each of an unlimited number of candidates. So even if you do not live in my District, say you live in California or Texas, you can give $2,600 to your local candidate and another $2,600, or $20 or whatever to me. This is a really big deal! So now Tea Party and Libertarians from all across America can Contribute to my to help me retake the Congressional seat formerly held by Allen West. So please, no matter where you live, help me fight for the Tea Party, for libertarians, for longer school days and year round school and Free College by clicking HERE!








Frank Lynch, President of Frank Lynch University  and Founder of a public charity to fight poverty inside America "Giving to America " also known as "The Frank Lynch Foundation' the founder of a public company, founder of a preschool, a national science foundation researcher and former investment banker, is a Common Sense Republican Tea Party Libertarian who running for Allen West's former  House of Representatives seat in Florida District 18 where millions of out of state spending poured in to defeat good guy Allen West in 2012 purely because West is a Black Conservative, which drives the Dems crazy with hate. . Frank expects lots of out of state Democratic support for the Democratic incumbent Patrick Murphy, whose family gets millions from government tax dollar contracts, so the Dems can do unlimited spending to keep this seat. Lynch is the only Republican contender who has a bold leadership platform centered on conducting not a war on women, but a war for women, centered on longer school days from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM so working mothers can drop off their kids in a safe, learning environment instead of having to go crazy with finding places for their kids before school starts and after school ends, summer vacations and on those endless school holidays.


Frank Lynch wants 240 school days a year, so kids can continue living at home and complete a full, legitimate, useful Bachelor of Science 4 year college degree by age 17, when they would normally just be getting out of high school


This frees kids to begin real careers and achieve their creative potentials during the time when biology teaches us that people are most creative, from years 17 through 25, instead of being trapped and enslaved to schools that beat the creativity out of you and leave you enslaved with crushing student loans.

Frank Lynch is Best for Women, Workers, African Americans & Hispanics


Frank wants to spend money to save money. Here is what Frank's education changes  will do:


1.  Cut crime by 80 - 90%, because that is the percent of prisoners who are school dropouts.


2.   Virtually eliminate poverty


3.   Virtually eliminate the permanent welfare society and the deficit causing burden of welfare costs.


4.   Lift up every child in America to equality of dignity, self-respect and self-reliance.


5.  Eliminate crushing student loans


6.   Change American students' international rankings in math, reading and science from nearly last into a true world-leading Number One.



Do all this while saving up to 50%! And do all this while spending only half of what the Nation now spends on education! Today the average college professor only teaches 200 hours a year! That is gone forever!When you factor in the savings in welfare costs, prison costs and crime costs, the savings are huge when measured in dollars, and absolutely overwhelming when measured in terms of social, moral and humanitarian values.


No other candidate of any Party has such a bold leadership plan that saves more money than it costs, anddoes more on behalf of women, children and African Americans and Hispanics.


Frank believes that these changes should be done at the state and local level, and Frank wants to abolish the federal Department of Education.




The Only Candidate With Bold New Ideas To Make This

The Most Exciting Time Ever To Be An American!


Frank Lynch is the most important emerging national leader since Abraham Lincoln came out of nowhere to transform America. . Frank Lynch is the new ideological leader of the Republican Party.


Frank Lynch is leading a grass roots revolution to use Frank's Top  List to make the next eight years the most exciting time to be an American The America of the next eight years can be so fantastically better that none of us can begin to imagine the splendor!


Join Frank to transform and uplift every person in America with full equality, using exactly the same four tools as Abraham Lincoln: preserve the United States' survival in a time of great danger; bring true equality to every person; re-invent education to teach useful things; and create the greatest scientific, economic and jobs boom in history.


Hillary and all the candidates of both parties are nothing but obsolete dinosaurs, "oh so yesterday" and are merely following Frank Lynch's new ideas listed here because Frank is the only true  ideological leader. Compare Frank's List against the "oh so yesterday" rehashed baloney from the 20th century with which the other candidates insult us. None of the others say anything but tired old lies we have already heard for thirty years, and which are still lies and broken promises. Sure, they wrap the old lies in new words. This year all the liars and thieves are for "true change" but they wouldn't know what change is if it bit their noses, which is what I am doing.  America desperately needs a fresh new leader who is not from the corrupt establishment, who has an actual plan with actual, real steps to help every American. Frank is the only candidate with a real difference.


Come dare to dream with Frank, and see for yourself what America can be:

Frank's Top  List

 We Can, We Should, We Absolutely Must  Make This

The Most Exciting Time In History Ever To Be An American

2004 - 2014 Frank Lynch

   1.  Year-round School  

   2.   Free Daycare




   3.  Free Daycare

4.  Free College






2004 - 2014 Frank Lynch







Every single step in Frank's Top List are things that could have been done 50 years ago, or 19 years ago when the Clinton dynasty began its first "do nothing" 8 years as joint Presidents, or 10 years ago when Hillary became a "do nothing" Senator, (see a pattern here?) or even last year, but all our current politicians failed to act, failed to lead.


For the past 30 years we have had leaders who do not lead, leaders who cannot lead, leaders who will not lead! And now they are all are running for President, to destroy our beloved Nation by promoting any one of these failed leaders to the top job.


Except for Frank Lynch, every single candidate fn both parties is a leader who failed to lead. The more they talk about their experience, the more they are counting all the chances that they had to lead, and failed to lead.


Frank Lynch is the first leader in 140 years to have a National Strategic Plan. All the other candidates have hopes, dreams, generalities, and stories, but not one of them has a true National Strategic Plan necessary to guide us to our best future.


The danger of America going out of existence is greater now than at any time in our history, yet no other candidate has the spine to campaign on this issue. Such lack of leadership increases the chances of our destruction.


For a BOLD fresh beginning, you and I can join together to choose the most wonderful future of all!

Frank Does Ten Times More for Women & Minorities than Hillary !


Mothers, especially working mothers and single mothers, are burdened by how to care for their children when they are not in school, which is more time than they are in school. Mothers are burdened with how to pay for their children's healthcare, dental care, eye care, special needs care, and how to get a really good education for their children. And pay for college? How? The system is broken, and we need a new system, but the establishment candidates like Hillary raised all that money from the establishment so they cannot make any real changes.


When women (or men) try to start a business, how can you provide healthcare benefits for employees when you are starved for cash to meet Friday's payroll?


Frank's schools will operate year round, with longer hours that meet the needs of working mothers. Moms can drop children off from 7 AM for free breakfast and have until 6:30 PM to pick them up! This will replace day care, preschool, summer school and after school programs. Children will be in class instead of on the street exposed to bad influences. The horrible cycle of endless welfare dependency, and the criminal gangs that prey on lives without hope, will become a thing of the past.


Year round school with longer hours will almost double the class hours in a year, so children will complete high school at age 12. We can use our high school buildings as colleges emphasizing medicine, biomedicine, math, science, engineering, and other useful subjects, so that every child in America will complete a free college degree by age 17. No more parents' skimping and saving. No more back-breaking student loans.


But the goal is not just to save parents' money. Frank's goal is to lift up the lives of every person in America by giving everyone useful skills. The benefit to all of society is overwhelmingly wonderful.


Free at last!  Free college for every child, including every African American and Hispanic child, is the only way we can achieve true freedom and equality. Anything less is just another empty promise, the path to eternal inequality.


Imagine that! Required free college degrees by age 17 for every child in America, including every African American and Hispanic child! Read more about Year-round School & Free Daycare




Things You Can Do:


Hand Out "Free College"

Email Your Friends

Call your

local radio and

TV stations

Plan an Event

Buy American Cars

Read Frank Lynch's Book

Start a Group


I am so sick and tired of all the candidates who claim to have helped education, when the facts are, under their so-called leadership, more than half of African American and Hispanic children do not even complete high school. What kind of leadership is that? Thanks for nothing, Hillary. For 15 years we have been hearing you talk about helping women and minorities, but you never deliver. Your campaign is just another empty promise like "40 acres and a mule!" Come dare to dream with Frank, and see for yourself what America can be.


Leaders who do not lead are responsible for the inequality and poverty which exists for tens of millions of people in America. No Congressman or Senator or  Governor should hold their head up and claim to be qualified to lead anybody. They are the bloodsuckers who are guilty of letting this go on forever. Vote for Frank for true change.


I will make our children into engineers and scientists by age 17, and doctors and PhD scientists by age 21.  Creativity and innovation are greater the younger you are. Imagine an America with hundreds of thousands, even millions of 17 year old scientists and engineers sparking the greatest scientific explosion the world has ever seen. 


And importantly, a boom that leaves no one behind. A boom in which every American shall participate fully.

 Who cannot spare the cost of one lunch to make this the best time ever to be an American! 

Come dare to dream with Frank, and see for yourself what America can be:

Contribute to the Only Genuine Innovator


2004 - 2014 Frank Lynch



Frank is a Futurist, a Libertarian, a reformer and is anti-globalization, but not a politician. Frank is these things because Frank stands on the shoulders of giants, and invites all of you to stand on his shoulders to lift every person in America higher than any politician ever dreamed.


As the only Futurist among the candidates, Frank can see many probable futures for America. Because our leaders cannot lead, the majority of our most likely futures are unacceptable, unless you want to be forced at gunpoint to pray from a Quran written in Chinese and printed by slaves in Africa.


Frank Lynch is a story that the public loves. His is the story of two factory workers with 8th grade educations. who raised a son to be the founder of a University, the founder of a charity, a repeat Presidential candidate, and the person who raised the plight of American education to the national level of discourse.


Frank is leading a grassroots revolution among women and young people for Free Daycare, year-round school and Free College in useful subjects, now called STEM,


2004 - 2014 Frank Lynch


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